Certificates & Patents

We are committed to developing products that we can trust our customers.

Hamil Soft “EoT Convergence Technology Laboratory” was established in 2015
and installed in our core product EMS and operated.
Optimal weather-following algorithms, Smart Charging algorithms,
Remote Heating and Cooling Operating Algorithms, etc.
We developed and commercialized a range of products.

In addition, “HM-THU-01,” a temperature-humidity environment module product other than software development, is developed as its own technology.
OEM production and supply to the market, and we receive positive reviews from our customers in terms of durability and design.
We will continue to focus on research and development of new products by expanding our professional workforce and investment,
and we will strive to become a leader in the new energy business in the future.

Major Certificates

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises Certificate (No. : 0010-2017-78657)

  • Direct production confirmation certificate
    (No. : 2016-0071-02896)

  • Software declaration form
    (No. : B16-122476-001)

Major Patents

  • Applied consumption real-time monitoring system (No. : 10-1712432호)

  • Piracy Ship Detection System and its Method Using Broadband Radar (No. : 2017-0142474)

Copyright Registration Card

  • ENERBOT (No. : C-2019-005688)

  • ENCARE (No. : C-2019-005687호)
  • WMS (No. : C-2017-010981)

  • Safety Valve Testing Management system
    (No. : C-2017-010979)

  • PV S/C Monitoring System
    (No. : C-2017-010980)

  • Supply Chain Management
    (No. : C-2016-024252)

  • Barcode Shipping / RFID System
    (No. : C-2016-024251)

  • Mate-initial/Interim/Final Management System (No. : C-2016-006609)