Even with the same amount of power, the difference in solutions determines the return on development.
Customers Want the Best from Various Deployment Experiences
Haemil Soft leads the solar power/ESS market through EMS Solution ENCARE.

“Hamilysoft’s EMS ENERBOT”

01. Real-time integrated monitoring/control via the Dashboard

– Provides a schematic view of the direction of power flow and the amount of power at a glance
– Intuitive operation management with color representation by equipment and work status

02. Secure Account Management

– User information DB is integrated management from an integrated account DB server
– At login, authentication takes place in a single sign on form, and can be accessed from each system without additional authentication.

03. Easy to manage updates and distributionsManage

– Resource file and deployment geometry management directly updates changed resources and implements modified UI screens to reflect real-time without re-registration of app store
– Direct updates without separate AppStore inspection and re-registration procedures

Store electrical energy in the light load time zone for maximum
load time or It works in conjunction with the maximum
power management device to reduce peak power.